The Savannah Sunrise

Brighten your day with The Savannah Sunrise bag by Ramsay Leather, carefully crafted from premium Ethiopian pull-up leathers in lush greens and golden shades evoking the earthy tones of an East African dawn. Subtle hand-stitching by our artisans reinforces durability while allowing the versatility of dual-tone textures.

Reinforced padding and durable stitching on the interior provide added strength and structure to carry essentials in style through all endeavors. Inside, two organized pockets keep possessions close at hand as photons and ideas begin illuminating the landscape at daybreak, while the pocket on the outside brings an extra compartment for immediate access to items.

Magnetic closures secure your safari essentials with satisfying clicks, framed by a false belted strap embellishing the silhouette in artistic flair. The removable shoulder strap allows transport freedom as the sun climbs and adventures unfold.

The Savannah Sunrise invites you to fill it with gear for a day well-lived, carried in distinctively patterned duo-chromatic style reflective of nature’s greens and golds awakening with each new sun rising over open plains. Another day in Africa begins – carried with you in compact luxury.

Additional Information:
29×21×8 cm

✅ Lady’s Bag
✅ Shoulder Bag
✅ Office Bag

✅ Pure High Quality Ethiopian Highland Pullup Cow Leather
✅ Strong and Durable Original Accessories
✅ Reinforcements used for strength and endurance
✅ Removable Shoulder Strap for easy carrying options
✅ High Quality Lenin Fabric on the inside

✅ Inside the interior there are two Lenin fabric partitions, one zipper pocket and one mobile phone pocket for accessories and devices that require additional security.
✅ An extra pocket on the outside for immediate access to items.

✅High Quality Zipper-Locked Interior for easy access and robust security with two extra magnetic locks and false belt for artistic design.09:54

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