The Traipse Trove

Lightly traverse each day’s discoveries with The Traipse Trove cross-body by Ramsay Leather, carefully crafted from premium Ethiopian plotter leather in a kaleidoscope of colors. Subtle variations in hue and graining lend this compact bag versatility in form and function no matter whither your wanderings may lead.

Durable yet supple construction ensures it stands up to whatever adventures arise while maintaining its understated silhouette through all seasons. A front pocket allows easy access to essential items whether roaming markets or winding trails.

A false belted strap embellishes the exterior with an artistic flair befitting its nomadic namesake. The magnetic closure provides swift, secure transport of treasures great and small as days unfold. A flexible, generous strap offers relaxed carrying comfort whether traversing town or terrain.

The Traipse Trove invites you to fill it with the curiosities that make exploring so enjoyable, in compact multi-colored luxury perfectly suited to life’s serendipitous discoveries on the open road. Another day of idle adventures awaits – will you answer its call?

Additional Information:
20×18×8 cm

✅ Lady’s Bag
✅ Cross-body Bag
✅ Utility Bag

✅ Pure High Quality Ethiopian Highland Plotter Cow Leather
✅ Strong and Durable Original Accessories
✅ Long Shoulder Strap for easy carrying

✅ An extra pocket on the outside for immediate access to items.

✅High Quality magnetic lock and false belt for artistic design09:56

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